Connect. Contact. Commission.

Cue the music. Please contact me for any queries or information about scores, gigs or commissions. Let's get social:


I am currently located in Kingsville, Texas and you can schedule a live performance with me in most of Southern Texas. If you are a forward-looking musician looking for a versatile pianist to gig or record with in the Southern Texas area, let's get together and jam!


I am available nationwide for teaching seminars and coaching, either in person, or via Skype/Facetime. We can discuss compensation depending on location and timeframe. I am available in the Coastal Bend area to teach in-home jazz piano, songwriting or composition/theory lessons.


My completed works are available (under ASCAP licensing) for performance. I would love to be contacted about their use in concert or in other contexts such as film or dance. I am currently highly interested in taking on new projects to compose for interested musicians, especially if you are in another part of the country or another country altogether. If you have any interest in commissioning or performing a work, please contact me and we will work something out. Under certain circumstances I will trade a commission for guaranteed performances. If you are an artist, dancer (particularly modern ballet), or other creative person with an idea for a project that needs music, let's talk! I believe innovative collaboration is key to keeping the arts relevant.


Michael with zvonar (bellringer) Igor Hutter on Kizhi island, Russia May 2013

Michael being social with a cat on Kizhi island, Russia May 2013